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Round 66: Gunvald Larsson

20 icons of Gunvald Larsson from the Swedish police procedural programme 'Beck' for character20n20

When I did the icons I had only watched 7 episodes, starting with 17-20 and then 13-15, but Gunvald Larsson is an instantly likeable character (in the books the attraction isn’t so instant!).

 photo 560519concealcopy_zps924ac8ff.png  photo 560613limegreencopy_zps535a2155.png  photo 5619ac4copy_zpsa13e6ee3.png

Analogous Colors Blackout Cheerful Color Bomb Conceal
Lime Green Low Contrast Next in Line Recognize Rotate

One Two Three Four Five

artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5

I was first ‘introduced to’ Gunvald Larsson in the Martin Beck books by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö. In the series Mikael Persbrandt, the actor who plays Gunvald, doesn’t physically look how I expected Gunvald to look from the description in the books but I recognized him because of his clothes- he has a fondness for quality clothing and he gets a bit miffed if they get spoiled while he is working.

For the category character arc I have used his relationship with his sister:-
Cat 1 When asked if he has any siblings he tells a colleague that he has a sister but she doesn’t count.
Cat 2 He has cause to be concerned about his sister but when he visits her she rejects him.
Cat 3 He visits again but she rejects him again.
Cat 4 He then visits her in hospital.
Cat 5 The next time he visits his sister he takes her daughter with him.
Their relationship grows from this point, although not always seen in the programme, and he even babysits his niece sometimes, which he describes as a ‘surveillance assignment’
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