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Round 71 Katniss Everdeen

 photo 7108b pale copy_zpscuthdmci.png  photo 7114 cat4 bw  close crop copy_zpswvo2jlwf.png  photo 7116c ac1 copy_zpsg7staueg.png

I hadn't seen the 'Hunger Games' films when I signed up for Katniss Everdeen and I was only half way through the first book, but I am glad I chose her she was a good character to icon. So these are my 20 icons of Katniss Everdeen for character20n20
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Round 3: Mila Kunis

 photo 0301 floral pattern copy_zpsmxs5m4nk.png  photo 0311a cat 1  12 copy_zpsukii1qyq.png  photo 0319 ac4 copy_zps2vrmfyxe.png
20 icons of the lovely Mila Kunis for females20in20
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 photo 1901 gender swap copy_zpsrlycmjwi.png  photo 1911 cat 1 copy_zpsv55pjpmd.png  photo 1918 cat 3 copy_zpsdeshfrpt.png

For Round 19 of guesswho20in20 I had the choice of Chloe Grace Moretz or Benedict Cumberbatch. Tbh, I had not heard of Chloe Grace Moretz before she cropped up as one of my options. I had certainly heard of BC (who hasn’t?) and I really like him as an actor, even on chat shows as himself, he comes across as a really nice guy. I do, in fact, sleep every night with BC and Jonny Lee Miller looking down on me!
However, I signed up for this challenge for the challenge of iconing someone I wouldn’t necessarily choose for myself so that’s why I went with CGM, and I rather enjoyed it!
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Round 2: Emma Watson

 photo 0202b lips copy_zpsomqu4svl.png  photo 0214 cat 4 copy_zps7cth0oeo.png  photo 0218 ac3 copy_zpsypzhh7my.png
20 icons of Emma Watson for females20in20
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Round 69: Leslie Burke

 photo 6903 duplicate copy_zpswi7alhhw.png  photo 6912 cat 2 copy_zpskdmqpfnu.png  photo 6919 ac4 copy_zpsh8fno5qe.png
20 icons of Leslie Burke from Bridge to Terabithia for character20n20
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 photo 6810c 1 yellow copy_zpspcw3o2rc.png  photo 6811 cat1 copy_zpsibamtwkd.png  photo 6820 ac5 copy_zps8imzkzjr.png

I was looking for a change so I chose Sheriff Woody for round 68 of character20n20 and, although I enjoyed doing them, I struggled against 'the meh', so I am very pleased that I actually managed to finish them. Fans of Orphan Black will probably recognize the influence in silhouette fill.

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 photo 0102 full body copy_zpssd9n1ywk.png  photo 0111 cat 1 Hera copy_zpswxgkcbm0.png  photo 0119 ac4 copy_zpstjccmhbe.png

I have enjoyed doing these 20 icons of Victoria Beckham for females20in20 – it was something quite different for me and VB is someone that I have admired for a long time for several reasons.
For the theme, ‘levels’ I immediately thought of the adjustment layer levels.
For the category icons I used the mythological character of Hera as inspiration, she is the goddess of marriage, women & childbirth amongst others.
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Round 66: Gunvald Larsson

20 icons of Gunvald Larsson from the Swedish police procedural programme 'Beck' for character20n20

When I did the icons I had only watched 7 episodes, starting with 17-20 and then 13-15, but Gunvald Larsson is an instantly likeable character (in the books the attraction isn’t so instant!).

 photo 560519concealcopy_zps924ac8ff.png  photo 560613limegreencopy_zps535a2155.png  photo 5619ac4copy_zpsa13e6ee3.png
Personally, I'd feel a great void in my life.Collapse )


Larsson ruined coat

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